Sci-Fi Books

The Adventures of the Starship Satori

The Ragnarok Saga

The Lunar Accords banned all weapons from space in the hope humanity could rise above warfare. Instead, the Accords have left Earth defenseless against someone willing to break all the rules in pursuit of power.

One young spaceship captain and a disgraced admiral who saw the danger years ago are all that stands between us and a ruthless tyrant.

They say old warriors are always fighting the last war.

But Admiral Nicholas Stein knows better, and he’s throwing everything into a daring project he hopes will win true freedom for Mars.

Sometimes, the best motto is “Si vis pacem, para bellum”.

If you want peace, prepare for war.

The fragile peace is shattered.
Earth has a new weapon capable of blowing up virtually any ship or space station which opposes them.

A surprise strike against the leaders of Mars wins the initiative for Choi’s UN forces. Thomas and Nicholas Stein are helpless as blow after blow lands against everyone they hold dear.

But Mars has a few last tricks up its sleeve.