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The Writing Advice Not Taken

Also known as “The writing advice I wish I’d had in 2011.” I ran into someone on a Facebook group today, asking for help. This person had a bunch of books out, and none of them were selling. I went and analyzed the writer’s work, and recognized a familiar set of problems. The writer was doing a bunch of things wrong – most of them, the same things *I* messed up, early on. Hey, these are easy mistakes to make. There’s no guidebook. (Well, there are, but the advice is often conflicting and confusing.) After assessing the writer’s work, I …

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Setting Goals for 2016

Every December for a few years now I’ve done a post looking back at last year’s goals, and how well I did in achieving them. Then I set out a new set of goals for the coming year. Over the years I’ve done this, those goals have changed some. They’ve been shaped by my experiences, and by the things I’ve done. Sometimes I’ve succeeded. Sometimes I’ve failed. Sometimes I’ve “failed to success”, which means I set goals which were high enough that I could not quite make them but still feel good about the overall progress. When I set my …

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Achievement Unlocked! Best Writing Year Ever

For me, 2014 was a banner writing year. I managed about 150,000 words over the course of the year. Most of that was in my King of the Dead serial – which has been releasing steadily over the last couple of months. Episodes 5-7 are ready to go, and Episode 8 is almost there too, so plenty more coming for that story. I also wrote a new novella set in the Blackwell Magic universe (with a new character) that still has to be released later this year, and some short stories. I was pretty pleased with the work, overall. It …

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One Month, Over 75k Words

January was a good month. I set the goal at the beginning of the year to produce 500 words of fiction – minimum – every day this year. The idea is to not miss even a single day. I can go over, but not under. At the end of the year, I’d have a minimum of 182,000 new words, which would be more than I’ve ever produced in a year before. It seemed like a solid central goal (I named some other goals, too, but this was the core one), because my main obstacle to success has always been consistency. …

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Writing in Public, Too: Catching up (12/13)

Managed to fall a bit behind, so consider this a “catch up” post. I’ll try to stay more on top of the blog moving forward. When you saw me last, it was hanging with the kids on Monday. As I write this, it’s Saturday! So what has happened since? Tuesday was a stressful day, with a major meeting in the afternoon. I didn’t get a lot of work done. Managed a thousand words in the evening. Wednesday was better, with 3k words completed. Felt very accomplished and back on track. I also did some editing work on the King of …

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Writing in Public, Too: Workspaces (12/8)

Today was “day with kids” day. We went out to the Lego Discovery Center and spent the morning there. We built race cars and ran them down the track – I made one with a cool angular body. If you’ve ever used Legos, you probably know that angles aren’t the easiest thing in the world to make! I set it up with a pair of wheels close together in the front, and two wide set single wheels in the back. Something like a cross between a drag racer and a big wheels tricycle.   Meanwhile, D (child #2) was making…DRAGONS!

Writing in Public, Too: Outlining (12/7)

Got back into the swing of things today. I realized why I was having some issues – this is a complex, multi-episode story which will span several “seasons”. I’m seeing at LEAST 20 episodes to this. Likely a lot more, before I finish the story (not terrible, when you recall that the episodes are about 15k words – so about 6 episodes to a normal novel length, which means at least three seasons.). Since I spent much of today working on outlining, I thought I’d talk about that a bit today.

Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 6

Whoops. Fell behind on the blog, so I need to do two days of catch-up posts here. No writing done today. Mostly shopping. Was a Christmas shopping and window shopping day. Also bought helicopters. Little, fit in the palm of your hand remote control quadcopters. Which were then flown around the apartment. Much crashing and laughter ensued. Back to writing tomorrow. Fiction words today: 0     Fiction words this month: 2000 Blog words today: 75     Blog words this month: 1611

Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 5

Spent all morning getting stuff done today. Fixed my EZPass account information, which took a LONG time on the phone, but the person I finally reached was very nice. Got my Comcast stuff dealt with, too. Basically a lot of little things that all needed to be caught up. I left after lunch to get to a meeting, which went fairly well – productive. Then off to work, and home again after. It was a busier day than it sounds… I let a lot of small things stack up, and managed to handle a fair number of them. Got in …

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Writing in Public, Too: Month 2, Day 4

Not a lot to report today. It’s my “up at 6am, out till midnight” work day. Which makes for a REALLY long day. Luckily, the place I work has really nice people in it, and I come home tired from these long shifts, but not burned out. I’ve been in nursing jobs were it was just awful… Where I’d come home at the end of the day wishing I could somehow never go back, and where I dreaded waking up for for each day. Crappy stuff. This job is nothing like that, which I appreciate so, so much. Anyway, no …

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