Satori’s Destiny

Since their first encounter with the crew of the Satori, the alien Naga have been hunting. The technology the Satori uses is a powerful remnant from a nightmare race the Naga believed had been extinguished eons ago. They will do anything to find the Satori's home, capture the ship, and enslave or destroy humanity.

At long last their hunt has borne fruit. The Naga have found Earth.

As a fleet of battle cruisers closes with the planet, humanity rises with the one weapon they can possibly use to defend themselves - the Satori. But this time the ship and her crew might not be enough to stop the enemy. It will require every weapon the Earth can bring to bear, and every sacrifice that humanity can make to win the day.

The stakes have never been higher. This time, if they fail, the Earth burns.

Publisher: KOM Press

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