Deep Waters

The Satori’s crew have returned.

Home again, they lick their wounds, repair the badly damaged starship, and try to make sense of all the things they saw during their first mission beyond our star system. First contact was everything humanity had dreaded in our worst nightmares. The universe seemed an inhospitable place, full of deadly and warlike beings. They escaped home to some well-earned rest.

But they’ve brought danger back with them. Charline and Beth undertake a mission home to Earth which will prove more perilous than they could possibly guess.

And something is wrong with Andrew. Can Dan and John unravel the mystery in time to save their friend?

Home should be a safe place, a place to rest and recover. A place to heal. Instead, each of the crew find themselves in the middle of more trouble, each of them in over their heads in Deep Waters.

Publisher: KOM Press

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