Accord of Valor

Book Cover: Accord of Valor
Part of the Ragnarok Saga series:
Publisher: KOM Press

The fragile peace is shattered.
Earth has a new weapon capable of blowing up virtually any ship or space station which opposes them.

A surprise strike against the leaders of Mars wins the initiative for Choi’s UN forces. Thomas and Nicholas Stein are helpless as blow after blow lands against everyone they hold dear.

But Mars has a few last tricks up its sleeve.

Thomas has never learned when to quit, and doesn’t see any point in picking up the habit now. His armored marines fight back against the terran forces, turning the wastes of Venus into a battlefield.

The stakes are enormous. Control of the entire system goes to the winner. But Choi’s secrets go deeper than anyone could have guessed, and the truth could free or enslave humanity forever.

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