Cover Art
Been a busy couple of days at the day job. Thursday, as seems to be the norm, was a “no writing” day. Didn’t get any time during the 17 hour shift to get any edits in. Friday was mostly a packing day, but I did manage to get a few more chapters done.

So at this point, I am about eight chapters from finishing the edits. I’ll be doing those Saturday after the move, and then doing a final proofing pass either Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

Then I have one more tweak for the cover. The book title is a bit smaller on this cover than on the cover for book one. I’d like to have very clear branding between the two covers – so that they are clearly the same series. To that end I plan to tweak the cover art just a little bit.

In other news, the first book – Accord of Honor – is 99 cents on all retailers right now, and picking up some nice sales. If you’ve been following along on the mailing list for this challenge, then you already got the rough draft sent to you. If you’re interested in reading book one, then now’s a GREAT time to grab it while it’s on sale.

You can find it here:            

I remain on target to launch Accord of War on Day 21 – Sunday the 13th! See you there.